Services Offered

Buy in Bulk Retail-Ready Packing

Buy in Bulk

Our bulk service is suited towards wholesalers/distributors who wish to purchase in bulk and re-package under their own brand.

The products are delivered in 20kg heavy duty cardboard boxes with vacuum packed, sealed, food-grade foil bags to ensure freshness. Larger minimum order quantities (full pallet, 400kg) are in place ensuring logistics is seamless and cost-effective.

Care is taken to ensure the premium product arrives in good condition. Claridges send consignments via both air and sea to all parts of the globe. Preparation for dispatch is meticulous with thought given to protecting consignment from the physical risks en voyage.

Retail-Ready Packing

On-line and organic food retail outlets benefit from Claridges mixing and packing services.

We re-pack powder into smaller retail packs according to the customer’s requirements so that our customer can concentrate on their retail business knowing they will receive organic, premium, retail ready product when they need it.

Customers can use their own brand or co-brand with Claridges.

By using this service, customers benefit from our organic certification, meaning their factory does not need to be certified organic. As long as there is organic equivalency between New Zealand and the customers country, the customer can put organic, premium, New Zealand plant powders directly on their shelf.

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