Our Process

2nd Generation.

Claridges has invested heavily in our production methods to bring you the best quality Barley and Wheat Grass in the world. The vibrant colour is true testament to the quality of the product. With this vast investment in our methods, we like to refer to this as the "2nd Generation" as it has opened the doors into a whole new world of better quality Wheat and Barley Grass.

We have revamped and improved every process in the supply chain to bring you this 2nd generation Wheat and Barley grass.

Bright green lush grass coupled with a stringent process to maintain nutrient integrity and ensuring the 2nd generation product is consistently of the highest quality.

Have a look at the videos below to gain an insight as to how this exceptional 2nd generation product is produced.

Growing & Harvesting
The art of growing certified organic, nutrient dense emerald green Barley and Wheat Grass
  • We believe, the planet, the soil, people and their health are one
  • Being certified organic ensures our low input link to the environment
  • Our farms are cleverly planted with crop rotation being an important aspect to feed the soil nutrients naturally
  • Clean, pristine water from the Southern Alps feeds through our rivers and onto our land
  • All product is traceable back to its origin, providing confidence in the authenticity of our product
  • We time our harvest perfectly so we only harvest the young, green edible part of the leaf
Innovative, on-farm drying. The 1st of its kind in New Zealand
  • Our new state of the art dryer is an amalgamation of nature with high technology and organic principles forming a sophisticated model of dehydrating leaf
  • The flexibility around having a dryer on farm means we can dry our leaf at the perfect time to ensure optimum nutrient levels
  • On-farm drying serves to protect our environment as we are not transporting the leaf (which is 90% water) long distances to another drying facility
  • We dry slowly at the optimum heat level to not damage key nutrients, yet control microbiological levels – it's a delicate science
We can supply your business the best quality Wheat and Barley Grass in the world
  • Claridges are specialists in providing bulk powder. 20kg boxes, Minimum Order Quantities apply
  • We can pack into retail pots for you. Either in your brand or upon application, you can use our brand, Claridges
  • We only harvest enough each year to cover our needs, so you can be assured that you will always receive the freshest stock available
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